Dopamine Detox

Hey Buddy, Have You Heard of Dopamine Detox Before?
Let us start by defining Dopamine First.
Dopamine is a Neurotransmitter released by Neurones. It plays a major role in the motivational
component of Reward-Motivated Circuit. It affects many parts of our behaviour such as Focus,
Learning, Mood, Sleep and so on.

So Now, What is a Dopamine Detox?
Dopamine Detox is a Tech Fasting that relaxes your brain or a way of giving a little break for our
Reward Circuit that releases one of the most complex Neurotransmitters in our Nervous System.

Why you should try Dopamine Detox?
The Dopamine Fasting can make you more creative, productive and become more focused on the
most important tasks of the day.

How to do a Dopamine Detox?
It sounds easy to apply but it is a challenging action for every one of us who living in a World where
we check several times our Social Media Accounts in a Day. You should know that the more you scroll
the more our Dopamine is released. Ultimately, there is an increase of Dopaminergic Receptors in
our Brain. So Challenge is the following: Don’t use Social Media for 24 Hours and you will figure out
how much time do you waste in a Day. So then, you can invest that time in something creative like
Writing, Playing a Musical Instrument or Practice your Photography Skills.

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