The Casablanca Cancer center Journal Club at our University

Medical and scientific literatures are constantly expanding, ideas and concepts are continuously undergoing rapid transformation. Paradigms are shifting and technology is swiftly advancing. Therefore, there is an urgent need for clinical practitioners, academicians, scientists, students to keep up with the vast amount of available information and evolving flow of knowledge.

In academic and clinical settings, Journal clubs are becoming praised gatherings to address these needs.

A Journal Club consists of a group of individuals who meet on a regular basis to critically read, understand, analyze and evaluate recently published articles in medical and/or scientific fields. Journal Clubs have been used as a teaching or learning tool in academic medicine for over a hundred years.

Historically, they were first initiated by a British surgeon, Sir James Paget who described a group of patients at St. Bartholomew’s hospital in London in 1835-1854.

While, in North America, Sir William Osler is often recognized as the founder of journal Clubs at McGill University in 1875. Until the 1980’s, the aim of the Journal Club was to provide its members with up-to date medical literature but quite recently, it has become a get-together for teaching and learning new concepts, advanced techniques and a method to promote evidence-based medical practice.

Besides the information we typically get in a classic lecture or a classroom, the Journal Club provides a forum to remain current with the literature and offers a unique opportunity to critically evaluate articles.

Journal clubs are periodical, usually organized around a defined subject in basic or applied research and aimed at a specific discipline. We need journal clubs to keep up to date with scientific and medical advances, to learn clinical features/cause of a particular pathology, to understand the patho-biology of a clinical case, to learn about the use of a new or an existing diagnostic test, to be able to handle a problem, to address the need of healthcare quality and cost effectiveness.

 At our university, Pr. Fadila Guessous initiated the Casablanca Cancer Center Journal Club (CCCJC) in May 2017, and she is leading it together with Pr. Nabil Ismaili. The CCCJC team is very fortunate to have our great medical student Hind Souiheb for communications support. The event is taking place every third Thursday of each month, except in August, at 1.00-2.00 PM in the HCK amphitheater. As part of the CCC, the JC always focuses on cancer-related topics, the presentations are conducted by our professors and the talks culminate in a questions/answers session at the end.

The CCCJC follows the standard format including a background, material and methods, results, conclusion and discussion. All students, clinicians, scientists and healthcare professionals are welcome.

The topics are very diverse, and the setting is relaxed and informal. Last May, The CCCJC celebrated its first anniversary and the second year will resume in September, 27th with neuro-oncology research leading the way.

We hope to see many of you there!

Pr.Fadila Guessous

Pr.Fadila Guessous

Senior scientist .
Working on Brain cancer and developing strategies and drugs to improve the prognosis of Glioblastoma and Medulloblastoma at Virginia University .
Professor of Immuno-oncology at UM6SS -faculty of Medicine.

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