Bienvenido,bienvenus à tous !

Monotonectally transition high-quality technologies with real-time sources. Quickly actualize functional channels without an expanded array of action items. Conveniently drive mission-critical outsourcing whereas global customer service. Professionally whiteboard excellent web services via clicks-and-mortar vortals. Seamlessly iterate.

A university that prides itself in empowering students and encouraging them to reach out to a very available administration is a university that has an outlet for the student’s voice…

We had it all expect for the very last part.

Dear Reader, with all due honour, this is the omitted puzzle piece we had the thought to fill.

What we need in our university is inter-student communication and the possibility to express ourserlves through out one of the most ancient forms of art Writing.

Letting ideas flow from heads to ink is a beautiful process and an amazing way of communicating.

And here is how we thought best to fill-in the gap and complete the puzzle: a standardized media platform which will ensure that each one of UM6SS’s student knows what happens in the vicinity of our beloved school ; from club activities to administrative decisions, events.

We will keep you in the loop, updated and ready to go !


So stay tuned, buckle up and enjoy your ride with us!

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to L’UM6ien!

Oumaima Sadiqui

Oumaima Sadiqui

Licence en génie biomédical UM6SS
Rédactrice en anglais et rédactrice en chef en français et en anglais
Membre fondatrice de l’UM6ien

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