Youth voices: United against Gun Violence

Gun control has always been a very sensitive subject in the USA, a constant fight between the NRA (National Rifle Association), weapon traders, and the citizen. It has been brought forward, to an international scale this time, 5 months ago in consequence of the now famous Parkland shooting in Majory Stone Goodman High. A shooting which was perpetrated by an ex-student named Nikolas Cruz, a psychopath whose hands are now stained with the blood of 17 victims and 15 badly injured other “comrades”. This sad event drove the youth in Parkland to start a series of protests leading to the birth of the March for Our Lives gun-control demonstration​ ​led by Emma Gonzalez and other Parkland survivors, “The Road to Change” tour etc.; in short a movement of which the purpose is rallying all the other people suffering from gun violence, unite, be heard, acknowledged and ultimately change the bloody reality of life in American states.

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Oumaima Sadiqui et Elyazid Ismaili

Oumaima Sadiqui

Oumaima Sadiqui

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