Organ Donation in IFMSA-Morocco

As medical students and futur doctors, we want to offer the population a better life style, we want to heal and cure them, but sometimes it is just not up to us anymore : we happen to hit the boundries when our patient needs an organ donation or a transplantation; and unfortunately Morocco is still far behind other countries in this domain and that is for the simple reason that our population is not aware of the emphasis of the subject. it is a prominence that each one of us should  not only understand  but embrace.

So, the question is what is the best way to get there?

Through medical students, by enhancing our knowledge since it is the key for the development of transplant activity. A way that has been adopted by IFMSA-Morocco  thanks to its special devoted members, and I cite Yasmine Benhayoun Sadafyin as the head of the project,  Saad Uakkas as the national coordinator, and all the SCOPH members, who have worked day and night, heart and soul, to get  this project to where it is now.

The team has taken the word organ day as an opportunity to foster this noble project, and to make it rooted in the morocan’s minds and their culture. For  that, the comittee has established a programm on the 15th November 2017 in the University Mohamed VI of Health Sciences and has called it: Organ donation, life donation.

 As they first explained the objectif of the project, the members presented a report showing a live story telling with a donor, a story that marked us all and simply encouraged us  to do the same as he did, afterwards, a competition  has  been held between two teams  from  the public, which included  thirteen questions about organ donation, and  which the questions  were answered by great professors such as Professor Rabii, the head of the urology department in Cheikh Khalifa Hospital and president of the respective moroccan association endo-urology, Professor Remdani, the head of the nephrology department in CHU Ibno Rochd, Professor Barrou, the head of the surgical reanimation department in CHU Ibno Rochd and national coordinator of the organ donation program , as well as Professor Ait Mhamed Abderrahim, the president of the court of 1st instance.

The conference carried on with a play theater about organ donation written and performed by the members and club MedArts of the university. And at last but not least, the comittee had the bright idea to write, play and sing a special song about the subject, a song which chords and melody touched  us all, and we shall never thank the members enough for their efforts and the time they have offered  to this matter. However, it is not all, not only the audience was blessed by all the performances and guests, but the comittee suprised us by bringing the national register of organ donation  itself on site.

And ladies and gentlemen, a national record was beaten during that evening; it had registered more than 100 donors!

 An honor which was filmed and mentioned by many medias who were present during the event along other great professors and associations. After this outstanding event, the organ donation project was elected as the 2nd best international project during the EMR regional meeting, a reward to all the the members efforts and time.

The project has also been chosen to be among the elections of the best international projects during the Rex Crossly Award, which is a biannual award given to three exemplary activities done by NMOs in local and/or national level. After rigourous assessment the best 14 projects get opportunity to present their achievments to 1000 medical students and get published  in the Medical Student International (MSI) an IFMSA biannual publication while the best three are given the Award in the last Plenary of the General Assembly who was held in Montreal, Canada this year 2018 . The Award is named by Rex Crossly, one of the founders and the first president of IFMSA.

Thanks to all the IFMSA-Morocco members who have worked hard on this project, it has been a national one that is now implanted in all faculties of medicine . We always believed in the organ donation matter, because optimism  is the faith that leads to achievement, an achievement that we wouldn’t have known without the members continual growth and progress. So I shall take this modest article as an opportunity to thank each one of them  for helping the development of their country.                                                                                                       Medec’IN-Casa PubSDD,

Kawtar Bounaim

Kawtar Bounaim

Médecine générale UM6SS
Ex-PubSDD Medec’IN Casa
Rédactrice en anglais

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