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The Video Game industry is pumping new fresh amazing games these next few months, we will now give you the TOP 5 most anticipated games to come out, to be fair we will only implement one game per console: 1) PC: Monster Hunter World is a game soon to be published which is the latest installment from the franchise, this game is said to pack up a punch, as the Monster Hunter universe has always been so exciting with new monsters, quests and weapon to unravel.

 2) PS4: The Last Of Us 2, will definitely get praised again, all the beautiful scenery as well as the horror that came with the first game, gave players the chills. Its ending was satisfying for some whereas other demanded more; which is where this game comes to play.

 3) Xbox One: Shadow of the Tomb Raider is definitely what fans are expecting, as the story of Lara Croft will once again start on the move, with new elements and secrets to uncover.

4) For Nintendo Switch: Fire Emblem: Three Houses, finally another Fire Emblem game which this time will have plenty of new features and depict army fights much more accurately, this is expected to be a very good game as Fire emblem never disappoint.

5) Android and IOS (To be fair, they can play some games so they are worth noting in this list): Fortnite Battle Royal, after the success of the game on PC, EPIC GAMES will now port it on phone, however it will still be competing with PUBG Mobile, so it’s up to you to choose your preference.

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